Sunlite Suite 2

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Sunlite Suite 2

Sunlite Suite 2

The software of sunlite 2 is specially designed for English, it has mature functions and easy to operate, for it uses DMX 512 international controlling signals;

1.can be connected with the DMX decode ware and can change the digitals signals to simulate signals.

2. This controller can supervise the equipment style and coding owing 48 scenes, 80 settings, 16 calculagraph and 240 tools within only a program file;

3. Also it includes more than 1000 program files all together 8 hours control of calculagaph, with automatically and manual operation;

4.Moreover, the controller holds a vast database of stage lights equipments;

5.With over 100 manufacturers, 2000 light equipment, 500 gobos, 1000 icons, and scan light which enable to set up your own light equipment.

6. 2000 kinds different lights scan library from 100 manufacturers can be called.

7.Edit scan library: you can edit the scan library based on the light fixtures user manual channel chart, each operating.

8.Input voltage: computer USB voltage, plug and play

9.Suitable computer system: win7 32 bit, win 7 64 bit, win 10

10.Software storage: EF card on the box

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