300W Beam Spot Wash Moving Head

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300W Beam Spot Wash Moving Head

HTK-BSW300 / HTK-BSW280 / HTK-BSW330

HTK-BSW300 is powered by a high luminous 15R JENBO platinum lamp with Philips inverter. The color tempreasure reaches 8500K. As a beam moving head, the linear zoom ranges from 4 degree to 28 degree, users are able to creat a very sharp beam effect. And frost beam angle ranges from 10 degree to 45 degree, with a color wheel of eleven colors , and gobo wheels of 23 patterns, including 9 replaceable quality dichroic ratating gobos, and 14 fixed ones.

Input Voltage: AC100V-260V 50/60Hz 


Lamp:15R 300W JENBO platimun lamp,philips inverter

Color Tempreature:8500k  

DMX Channels: 16CH 

Control Mode:DMX512, Auto-run 

Color: 11 colors + adjustable color tempreature+ white color, semi-color mixing, bi-directional rotation,rainbow effect  

Gobo: 14 fixed gobos+white, 9 replaceable gobos+white, bi-directional rotation, 360 degree positioning  

Frost:10-45 degree linear adjustable, inbuilt fading in and out, inbuilt auto-run speed    

Linear Zoom Angle: 4-28 degree 

Prism: rotational 8 facet prism, two direction rotation, speed adjustable.   

Dimmer: mechanical dimmer 0-100%

Strobe: 1-13 times/sec, variable speed Shutter ,with inbuilt macro strobe   

Pan: 540°,Tilt:270° 8/16 bit adjustment, bi-directional rotation, auto reset and error correction  ,

Inbuilt lithium battery, set ID without power 

Structure: heat-proof plastic+module pressing alloy materials   

Cooling: automatic fan cooling ,automatic inverter fan working,

Remote DMX control for reset, lamp on and off

LCD display with 128*64 pixels, screen protection, infinate rotational knobs  

IP rate: IP 20   

Size: 419*419*541mm 

Weight: 16.5 kg