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260W Beam Moving Head


HTK-B260 is a professional moving head with narrow-beam effect,as well as independently controlled prisms for stunning split beam effects. The 8+8+8 honeycomb facet prism and 16 facet prism can be combined to form a 48 facet prism, with bi-directional rotation effect with the 17-slot gobo wheel and 14 colors on the color wheel for a variety of stunning aerial and gobo effects.


Input Voltage:AC100V-240V  50Hz/60Hz

Power Consumption: 375W  


Ballast: electronic ballast

Lamp: 260W lamp, intelligent lamp switch control

Color tempreature:8500K 

Lifespan: 2000 hours 

Motor:silent motors,three-phase XY motors

Dimmer:0-100% smooth linear dimmer

Color wheel: 14 color+ white, with semi-color effect 

Color gobo: 1 color gobo with 6 colors, with colorful effect

Gobo wheel: 17 fixed gobos + white+ 3 glass gobos

Prism: 8+8+8 honeycomb prism, 16 facet prism , the two prism can be combined to form a 48 facet prism, with bi-directional rotation effect 

Focus: 3 sets optical lens electric focus,projecting high resolution patterns 

Beam angle: 0-3.8 degree

Pan: 540°(16bit) electric correction, auto reset, with pan fine, auto-positionning 

Tilt: 270°(16bit) electric correction, auto reset,with tilt fine,auto-positionning  

Strobe: 1-10 times/second, adjustable speed

Frost:seperate frost effect, with soft and natural frost spot 

Control mode: DMX512, Auto-run, Mater/slave

DMX Channel: 16CH/20CH

Display:touch screen LCD display, TFT interface, 180 degree flipping

Housing:high-tempreature-resistant plastic housing

Heat cooling: fan cooling, automatic over-heat protection system, 

IP Rating:IP20