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W-DMX transceiver

HTK-wireless transceiver-III

HTK-wireless transceiver-III is a quality wireless device using Sweden Wireless Solution.It is unique in its use of advanced radio technologies that are also used in mobile phones and military communication. Rather than using fixed frequency channels, it uses Adaptive Frequency Hopping technology to continually check the radio channels for interferences and to rapidly move operation to clear radio channels.


Input voltage: AC110/AC220V, 50Hz/60Hz
Power comsumption: 6W
Frequency Band: 2,4GHz
Range:Up to 500 meter, LoS, 3m over ground level.
Work Mode: 126 kinds of frequency band and automatically select the non-interference frequency band to insure the security of the communications.
Max. Number of Simultaneous Systems: 6 Universes without settings, up to 16 in advance mode
Transmitter Power::100mW
Receiver Sensitivity::98dBm.
Latency in mSec: Less 5mS
Antenna Type:Removable, RP-SMA.(IE fixed/removable, and list type of connector)
Antenna Length : Standard 2dBi antenna.
Size: 14*12*60cm
Weight: 1 kg